Day 5 at Camp

Today we got up and had the usual breakfast. It was actually a pretty relaxed morning. We had to type up some some more English lessons and adjust the previous ones. We played a bit of psychiatrist as well. Then for lunch we made this odd pancake/bread pudding type thing. It was different. After lunch…more English. Today was a good day. We were able to basically hang out as English teachers. A much needed break. Later, it poured rain and we made a veggie, rice, rose sauce dinner. It was good. After dinner I helped with clean up. Next we discussed the next few days plans. Today was sad, because we had to say goodbye to Kayla. She was off to her next camp. Then once again we rearranged the tents to prepare for the children. I was alone with Catta in a tent for the evening. I will move into our new tent tomorrow when it isn’t raining #9. It’s an ETB(Early to bed) night anyway. We have to go to be 10:30 or 11 to be rested for the kids.

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Day 4 at Camp

Woke up at 8:10 today was going to shower, but no time and only cold water. I went to breakfast and had the usual cereal, banana,etc. No coffee today. Then went with the English teachers for more instruction. Yeah no work! I learned some games and now had to write a lesson plan. I found out I get to leave camp on the 24th and head to the camp near Berlin. After that camp I can go back to Munich or come back to Neuburg for another week. Hmmmm….tough one. We worked on lesson plans and I typed mine on my pc until it ran out of battery. I had forgotten part of my charger, but luckily Adam had one that worked for me. In the dilent auction I won the 1 hour internet. (Yeah..I paid 3,50 for it, but in the end it was more than one hour.)  I need to talk to Sven about using it. For lunch we had a tuna pasta, bread and of course lunch meat. The English teachers then presented their lesson plans and accepted criticisms and then we played psychiatrist. I called Jess today to tell her about my placement change. Yep, they changed it again. Instead of by Berlin…it’s now by Stuttgart. Bad Urach. There’s a castle nearby and ruins. Nice. For dinner this evening we had eggs and potatoes…not my favorite. Then the English teachers did a “typing party” in order to exchange our lesson plans. After this we were able to have some free time. The rest of the teamers went to see the junior camp and the town. They somehow forgot about us..until Marrell reminded them and they came back and got us too! Kayla, Monika, and Nadia and I walked around town and bought gelato from and Italian guy. We saw the local castle..nothing spectaculor and then returned to camp. We all sat around the fire and played puzzle games like “stick game” and “Moon is round”. Fun when you figure it out. Late night, had beer and then to bed at 1:30am!

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Day 3 at Camp

Today, I woke up at 6am, but went back to sleep.My back is sore! I think from the work, the heat…and the cot..perhaps. Maybe evening the dancing or the running. Feels a bit like bootcamp! I am glad I talked to Marlene today and decided to leave for the English camp near Berlin. I think I’ll go next sat and at least have on week with the kids here. I’m half sad because I am attached to this group of teamers. I just hate this camp life really. I don’t mind the kitchen, but otherwise they work you like a dog it seems. I got up at 8 or so and brushed my teeth and thenwe met with the camp song and went off to breakfast. The usual food. I don’t know what some of the meats are so that’s a little unnerving. I’m not too concerned about rotten or spoiled food, however, because they throw everything away! A bit wasteful, but safe. I helped again with the dishes and then snuck away. Today so far has been overcast and drizzly a nice reprieve, but it’s all muddy too and tents are damp and mildewy. There are sooo many flying bugs. My back is so sore! We played cat and mouse= more running, and then we learned how to deal with homesickness. It was fun/challenging. I like the overcast weather! Today, we discussed group project ideas and picked teamers to brainstorm. Then the sun came out and we spent the afternoon building the kids lounge, painting pallets, and organized and moved things. Then we finally got a dinner reprieve. We had potatoes and meat and a salad. They are setting up for a silent auction and then we will continue to work on our projects. There’s way too much work at this camp..physical labor that is..without pay. Ugh. It seems you can’t hardly be still at all without them asking what you are doing next. Not a great feeling. After dinner, we learned that English teachers are to do a seperate training and now that I am going to the other camp I have to be in that group.  We went over stuff in our binder then we had to do the silent auction and then beer and relaxing..finally. Yeah.. no shower tonight. ugh. Cold water still.

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Day 2 at Camp

It was a very wet night. The rain returned. I woke up several times actually a bit hot from my sleeping bag…but wet from moisture in the air. I had to pee, but refused to get up and returned to my slumber several times. I woke up at 8:10 to get ready for breakfast at 8:30. I looked down at my backpack and saw it was unzipped and there was a slug crawling on my exposed laptop..ugh! There was also all of these bee-like flies around. I didn’t know until later that they were not bees, but there were plenty of real bees and mosquitoes as well. I went to breakfast and had cereal, yogurt, meat, etc. and then did the dishes. Today, we divided into groups and practiced creatively presenting our games to kids with each other. It was stinking hot! After this we painted..(I artistically painted a face) and cleaned and then had meat,cheese,bread,salad, and mozarella for lunch. then we did some clean-up and learned the Waka-Waka. Our camp song for teamers. Next, we played “Chuck the Chicken”. After that we discussed the program for the following weeks and learned about feedback. As a group we built the Yuta and then we had to reorganize the beds in the tents again. During a team-building game I had to face off with several people in a version of a ‘finger war’ you had to not allow the person to get their finger to your body while hand are intertwined. I ended up in the final two…and it was a draw….with a big strong guy…impressive. For dinner this night we had chili con carne with nacho chips. I like my tentmates. Kathy–is a bit lucky she has less to do as a CIT it’s funny she looks a lot like my ex-bosses neice. Catarina and Hannah are super sweet. After dinner Jan and Angie arrived and then we discussed the legal aspects of camp and treatment of kids and got our binders. Then they sent us in 3’s on a night walk without flashlights, but with a torch around the pond. I was with Adam(Aussie) and Christy(spain). After the hike we learned camp philosophy over beer and left over wedding cake..interesting…and then I showered. It starting storming and pouring rain! I went to bed early. I was so tired. Snails/slugs aren’t as bad this night…but there was a huge slug in the shower…oh and did I mention NO HOT WATER. Ack! Way to shower quickly. 🙂

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July 13th

Blast to the past…I haven’t had internet access and enough free time to update my posts. I will try and update a bit. On this day, July 13th, I woke up to a traditional German breakfast…nix the beer. Weiss sausage, coffee, tea, and a Pretzel…and a side of mustard. After breakfast, I finished packing my bag for my new adventure. 5 weeks with kids at a camp. Jessica and I left for the Hauptbahnhof and then met a friend at Starbucks. We sat and visited over coffee and then I had to figure out how to use the restroom there. Apparently, there is a keycode for the door to the stairwell on your receipt. Interesting…new form of ‘customers only’.  Jessica left to go get her twins, her nanny job that is, and I stayed with her friend. We waited for a bit and then we went an bought chocolate for the smores I wanted to bring to camp. We thought perhaps Jess was coming back to meet us, but this was not the case. We waited at the flowershop for a bit trying to balance my huge backpacking backpack and my regular backpack. I was a bit nervous about missing my train so we went on ahead to the platform. I got there with just 4 minutes to spare. Oy! My bags were so heavy and cumbersome it was difficult to find a spot for me and for them. I sat beside a girl and attempted to juggle them around me. I kept my eyes open for a free seat to appear after various stops.  On the way we passed through Dachau. Even though I couldn’t see anything..the whole town gave me an overwhelmingly sad feeling. Odd. Finally, I arrived at Inglestadt and after leaving to the front of the station looked for any sign of a shuttle…nope. I called the camp and they informed me that there were no pick ups from here. I had to get on the train…buy another ticket and come to Neuburg an der Donau. Great. I went in and bought my ticket for 3,80. I then had to wait 30 minutes with my bags..ugh. I bought a butter and chive pretzel…literally a pretzel cut in half with butter smeared inside..heavily…and chives. Then I bought a sue me. lol. Finally, my train came. I sat in a practically empty car with a young man. He informed me that my stop was in 3 stops. He was very friendly. He’s studying to be a doctor or in the medical field and is interning at a local hospital. When I arrived at the station I went out front and happened to see a guy wearing a camp adventure shirt, how reassuring. He was from Germany, and apparently has worked many times for Camp Adventure. A few moments later 3 girls showed up as well and another guy. We all rode together to the camp when the shuttle arrived. We found a tent and the 3 girls and I decided to share. At first some boys had placed stuff inside as well, but they quickly moved. Phew. The first task we were given was to set up all of the cots. It was blazing hot and full sun. Not fun. After figuring out how they worked we set them up and cleaned them as we went. Suddenly, in the midst of all that heat, out of nowhere, came a rainstorm! We quickly closed up all of the tents until the rain passed..torrential downpour. More people slowly kept arriving throughout the day and the sun did come back out almost immediately. We played many ‘getting to know you’ games and then went to the dining hall to have pasta for dinner. This evening we had an activity in order to teach us the proper way to put our tent groups to bed. After this we had beer at the campfire and then off to bed. Day one down.

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Day 3

July 9th

9:03 am- I think it’s warm outside today looks like it’s going to be. It’s only 80’s but in the sun it still feels hot..and no one really seems to have decent air conditioning inside anywhere…well some do. I am getting ready to get ready for service at 11:00. We have to leave at 10:10 to get there via public transit system. I went to bed at a bit after 10:00 and woke up at 8:50!

Right before I went to be and my computer was dying. I plugged it in and left the lid open and rebooted it, and fell asleep…i woke up with skype calling me softly and almost answered it…it was softly playing..and I was all “i feel pretty awake” and then realized that I probably wasn’t and shouldn’t be…and I missed the call and closed the … computer and quickly fell asleep. I didn’t really think it a good idea to be talking out loud lol when people are sleeping..didn’t know if they could hear me in the other room. It was my brother and I wanted to talk..but I know for today’s long service day or day in general I needed to sleep! 🙂
It’s hot here. It’s 91 it feels hotter to me. I think it’s the humidity.
3:02 pm- Another day of service! Better flip-flops. We did some street work(look for africans mostly) and a call(busy) and a street(look at names on board for English or African) got 3 hours in. 6 in the past 2 days.

We are looking for English speaking people. Most of the time the Africans are either English or French. They are usually receptive because they are not really welcomed in this country, I guess. Today Jess placed WT’s with two different African men who were very nice. As for foreigners it’s a high tourist area and right now I guess the Saudi’s …are coming for the summer for cheap operations. It’s funny there are a lot of asian looking people that are actually german..and many people that look like they’d speak a different language and are german just that background.
3:05pm- Sitting at a sisters house. (Stephanie,Chris and Micah) She happens to live right in city center(pretty unheard of unless you have the means) and right outside are some of the most popular attractions and shops!
10:05- Home at last! Spent a nice evening with friends. I’m super tired. Busy few days. I even spent some of this evening falling asleep on the friends couch we were visiting. haha. Met Leah and levi. Had fajitas and Prosecco. I have yet to have any beer. 🙂 Just got some ice cream on the way home. Yummy coconut and hazelnut.
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Day 2

July 8th-

After my crazy arrival adventure. I am doing well. This morning I popped awake at 5 am although going to bed at 1am and reorganized my bags. I then waited and waited and they woke up at 8:30 and then at 9:00 we went to Jess’s doctor..walked … there..and then at 10:00 we took a bus and then a few trains to the city center and I got a iced tea and a pretzel with cream cheese and chives smeared between it. An s-bahn is a faster longer haul train.. a u-bahn is a predominantly underground subway..lots of stops and transfers…they come every 5 minutes or so…seems like 2. The s-bahn is above ground. The schnell or fast train.
We met a sister(Deborah)..super sweet and went in street work for 3 hours..which led to me buying some flipflops for 5 euro to help my blistering feet.(one on each big toe, ugh water blisters!)Then we continued on errands. Including Jessica’s job which was watching two adorable 20 month old twins a boy and a girl(Katlyn and Zachary). Took them around until 6 pm. I bought a prepaid cell phone  so I can feel more secure alone again…especially after the airport fiasco..and then we took a train and a bus home. Now it is 8:46 and they are preparing dinner(Baked chicken and noodles with rye bread, cucumbers and feta). Long day. Aching feet..but good.
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