July 13th

Blast to the past…I haven’t had internet access and enough free time to update my posts. I will try and update a bit. On this day, July 13th, I woke up to a traditional German breakfast…nix the beer. Weiss sausage, coffee, tea, and a Pretzel…and a side of mustard. After breakfast, I finished packing my bag for my new adventure. 5 weeks with kids at a camp. Jessica and I left for the Hauptbahnhof and then met a friend at Starbucks. We sat and visited over coffee and then I had to figure out how to use the restroom there. Apparently, there is a keycode for the door to the stairwell on your receipt. Interesting…new form of ‘customers only’.  Jessica left to go get her twins, her nanny job that is, and I stayed with her friend. We waited for a bit and then we went an bought chocolate for the smores I wanted to bring to camp. We thought perhaps Jess was coming back to meet us, but this was not the case. We waited at the flowershop for a bit trying to balance my huge backpacking backpack and my regular backpack. I was a bit nervous about missing my train so we went on ahead to the platform. I got there with just 4 minutes to spare. Oy! My bags were so heavy and cumbersome it was difficult to find a spot for me and for them. I sat beside a girl and attempted to juggle them around me. I kept my eyes open for a free seat to appear after various stops.  On the way we passed through Dachau. Even though I couldn’t see anything..the whole town gave me an overwhelmingly sad feeling. Odd. Finally, I arrived at Inglestadt and after leaving to the front of the station looked for any sign of a shuttle…nope. I called the camp and they informed me that there were no pick ups from here. I had to get on the train…buy another ticket and come to Neuburg an der Donau. Great. I went in and bought my ticket for 3,80. I then had to wait 30 minutes with my bags..ugh. I bought a butter and chive pretzel…literally a pretzel cut in half with butter smeared inside..heavily…and chives. Then I bought a sprite..so sue me. lol. Finally, my train came. I sat in a practically empty car with a young man. He informed me that my stop was in 3 stops. He was very friendly. He’s studying to be a doctor or in the medical field and is interning at a local hospital. When I arrived at the station I went out front and happened to see a guy wearing a camp adventure shirt, how reassuring. He was from Germany, and apparently has worked many times for Camp Adventure. A few moments later 3 girls showed up as well and another guy. We all rode together to the camp when the shuttle arrived. We found a tent and the 3 girls and I decided to share. At first some boys had placed stuff inside as well, but they quickly moved. Phew. The first task we were given was to set up all of the cots. It was blazing hot and full sun. Not fun. After figuring out how they worked we set them up and cleaned them as we went. Suddenly, in the midst of all that heat, out of nowhere, came a rainstorm! We quickly closed up all of the tents until the rain passed..torrential downpour. More people slowly kept arriving throughout the day and the sun did come back out almost immediately. We played many ‘getting to know you’ games and then went to the dining hall to have pasta for dinner. This evening we had an activity in order to teach us the proper way to put our tent groups to bed. After this we had beer at the campfire and then off to bed. Day one down.


About Sunshine Stanfield

I am a 30 year old single female. I was born and raised in Chico,Ca. All of my life I have loved to travel. I needed to do something fresh and new....so I moved to Germany. I spent the last year traveling and exploring Europe and learning amazing things along the way. I can't wait to continue my journey again and continue to meet new and interesting people and cultures. I love to share my experiences with others and show others that when it comes to new and beautiful things in life... the discoveries are endless.
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