Day 10 at camp

Woke up at 7:50. Camp was quiet this morning, they must be tired. It’s supposed to be c00ler today. In the 20’s. Lena told me last night thatI would join a group on the hike that needed more bodies.  After breakfast, I prepared for the biking project. Today we took the boys to some jumps. The first was fine, but the second a boy, leon, who is 12, was injured. I took him to first aid where we waited for 20 minutes. Then Angie came and checked on him, but he said he was fine. He just had an ice pack on it. He spoke very little English and my German isn’t that great. Communication consisted of mostly silence. After a bit Basti came and checked on him and he started crying. He was concerned and he said Lena should have a look at him. Lena came and it was decided that we should go to the doctor. Angie took us to the doctor and talked to them about him and then she left to run errands. I was to call her when we were finished.We went into the waiting room and sat there in silence with other quiet people and one coughing lady. The nurse called us in and we went into a room and waited for her for 5 min. She came in and looked at him, and everything was in German. I let him do most of the talking. When she was all done she looked and me and I told her that I only spoke English and a little German. So she said what she needed, the directions to the hospital, and then switched back to German to me again. So funny. Yes, hospital…they wanted an xray. We went outside and called Angie and explained the situation. She came within 10 minutes and dropped us at the entrance to the ER. The we went and checked in and still Leon did the talking. I said nothing, and they all assumed I spoke German. We waited in the waiting room until called and directed to a chair by the doctors office across from the cast room. I understood almost everything that was said to us, and what I didn’t I figured out. The doctor came and looked at his arm and then directed us to an xray room. We sat in a chair in the hall until they called him in. When he came out 5 minutes later we walked back to the doctors office again. 10 minutes or so later the doctor came and said it was a small fracture and he needed a cast. So we waited until the other doctor came and then went into the cast room. The whole one talking to me, and so they thought I was German. Then my cell was Angie wanting to know how much longer. I was forced to talk to the doctor. He looked so surprised when I asked him in English how long it would be. After that he continued in silence until finished, and then spoke German again. He said that the other doctor would write up a report and then we waited again. The doctor called us in and asked Leon a bunch of questions about what had happened and when and how and blah, blah, blah. I was reading a board on the wall about fractures and must’ve been distracted, because next thing I heard twas “She doesn’t speak German” I answered in English that I understand more than I can say. He asked to make sure I knew what was going on and I relayed it all back to him in English. He spoke to me in mixed German and English. He explained the meds and then we left. Angie was waiting. We got back to camp and luckily lunch was late! We had hotdogs. If we had missed it I don’t know what we would’ve done. After lunch we headed back to the swimming pool for our project. It was fun. We played a ball game boy against girls. I learned to shower here at the pool..guaranteed hot water..clean and nice. After we left the pool we stopped at the store and I picked up a bottle of white wine for my ‘special person’ for the game we were playing…do 2 things nice for the person whose name you drew. I snuck the bottle on my persons’ pillow. We had to RUN to the bus..this time we were late. Ooops. We went back to camp and had hamburgers for dinner. Then we set up the cinema night. The kids were going to watch “Up” in German with English subtitles. It poured rain all evening. The movie projecter didn’t work all that well either. I was on “Smoke patrol” with Sven. I wore my poncho and my sweatshirt..but was still soaked. We had to make sure no one was hiding out smoking somewhere. Never found anyone smoking..but did find some bad kids hiding out. We were supposed to keep them at the film. The kids were sneaky. It was very exhausting, yet entertaining. I was so ready for bed. When the moved was over everyone was scrambling to cover leaking tents…quite a few wet beds. Poor things. I went to bed at 11:30 or so and was woken by teamers rearranging our tent to accomodate some others put out of theirs by wet beds. Only 1 of the 3 expected came into our tent though. I guess there as a teamer mtg..but I missed it when I went to bed. Oh well. It wasn’t a big deal this time.


About Sunshine Stanfield

I am a 30 year old single female. I was born and raised in Chico,Ca. All of my life I have loved to travel. I needed to do something fresh and I moved to Germany. I spent the last year traveling and exploring Europe and learning amazing things along the way. I can't wait to continue my journey again and continue to meet new and interesting people and cultures. I love to share my experiences with others and show others that when it comes to new and beautiful things in life... the discoveries are endless.
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