Arrival in Munich

Wednesday July 7th=

9:01 pm -Just paid 8,00 euro for 60 minutes of internet…couldn’t find or didn’t have time to use wi-fi anywhere…sitting in munich airport. Need to find a phone to call Jessica.

9:16 pm- Ok…now that I can breathe…kinda…I will give a mini-update. First…I’m sitting in munich airport. Just paid 2.50 euro( 50 cent the first time then disconnected and put another 2 euro in) to use the payphone to call Jessica because her message told me to call her when I get in. Not able to access the internet free anywhere…at least it didn’t work..I couldn’t see it until… now…future step…global phone. That would be a major reliever.

9:17pm- Anyway…got here at 8:20pm and got ALL of my 5 bags…yeah…and not yeah..they keep falling off the cart. lol. Anyway…paid for internet…called Jessica…and found out they didn’t get my message until they were waiting at the aiport..which takes an hour by train pretty much..and they had all of these plans for me …for today…anyway…so they went home and were waiting for my call which I just gave them.

9:20 pm- So anyway…they left a bit ago and I have to wait an hour..but they are bringing baggage reinforcements. 🙂 Yeah! Anyway…so I am stuck..only issue is I have to pee and I don’t know what to do with ALL of my bags! I also need a snack and am sitting in a donut/bagel/coffee very quiet cafe…hmmm…anyway..need to strategize. The issue of the language barrier/trust interferes. Mostly trust since English is spoken by many…although the payphone wasn’t at all in English which is why the first call to Jess got hung up on..haha. anyway…I am good.


More…the flight…after security I went to use my $19.00 voucher at this yummy pasta place…I got pasta and 3 drinks…and in retrospect should’ve eaten at the pasta place downstairs because…I didn’t get ANY OF THOSE THINGS! I got the pasta and then was waiting for the plane to board..and ended up texting and calling the whole time..and then …tried to get online…couldn’t it was att and I had no password. So then I had to quickly put it all away because we were boarding. Then I got seated next to a very nice English a tight seat with two 4,5 year old noisy boys in front of us. Then it was excruciatingly hot! NO individual fans! What’s up with that!!!! The flight was fine..I slept on and off. I didn’t do anything on the computer or ds or ipod and I tried to watch a movie but it was late and I needed some sleep. I didn’t get to eat my pasta because I didn’t want to next to the couple and then they served salmon penne for dinner. They did give us an eye mask, socks, and toothbrush toothepaste…how nice. 
Then in the am I just threw the pasta out. 😦 didn’t even taste it..waaa. And then we were off the plane and rushing through the London terminals…which were confusing because they didn’t list where you needed to go for your I was confused…finally found it…but before that I had to go through security AGAIN and they took my 3 drinks… See More!! Ack…then I was in the terminal trying to do internet…couldn’t…and then had to board…I only had time to find my terminal, pee, repack my laptop and then board..literally. Then the quick nice flight here…the airport by the way in London was very very very hot! Sweat glistening. ewwww… It’s comfortable here pretty much.
Anyway..the flight from London we only got crackers and for breakfast I had a yogurt/pumpkin flax seed parfait and a crumb cake. So…I’m a bit hungry. Overall it was fine…a little crazy at times..but the flights were fine. The flight over was a bit turbulent at times but bearable.
Now that I know people are coming I am good. I was a bit nervous at first. I would figure something out..but the lack of internet(really scary) and cell was difficult..since I had no connection. Anyway..that’s my update for now.
9:37 pm- Well now my pc is dying and I need to unpack my convertor/adapter to use it…so I may be going dark again. 🙂
After all of that– My laptop died and I sat alone and left without communication with a stack of bags and a full bladder! I had no clue if they knew exactly where I was in the large airport and when exactly they were coming. After scheming for a while to use the restroom…I forgot somehow and decided to try and by a bagel to at least satisfy my hunger. I quickly found out all the bagels were gone for the evening! So sad! After sitting in the cafe area for a while I asked the lady where people usually came from the train..and she said downstairs! I took the conveyer belt down carefully manuevering all of my bags in front of me on the downhill so they wouldn’t fall. They all fell at the bottom anyway! I carefully restacked the 45 pound bags and continued searching for my peeps throughout the eerily quiet terminals. I found the section you buy the tickets for the trains and thought maybe I should wait here. After meandering around the area for a bit I got concerned maybe they were waiting where I had been in the start. I realized there was no way for me to feasibly get back up there, so I searched out a payphone again. I quickly inserted 2 euro and called Jessica’s cell again and described my location and then went back out in the open to wait for them. While standing in the center of the terminal I saw my saviours approaching! yeah! Stephanie,Micah, Jess and Jack..all to help me with my bags. I bought a pass for the Ubahn and we all made our way down the escalator to the station and got on the first train. Then we rode for like 40 minutes and got out at one of the stations. There were a lot of roudy world cup fans cheering for Germany…even though they lost..chanting and drinking on the train..I think they were like 14! At the station Micah and Stephanie went home and we marched through a literal mob of world cup fans chanting and cheering…celebrating at midnight. We made our way to another train and a bus and then safely tucked ourselves in bed.
Another story I just remembered-

Actually…we got off the plane and directly were lead to the bags through these halls and I never saw one anyway? Right when I got to the bags….mine…were the first to pop out funny! Here’s the funny part I just remembered…let me start with Never fly British Airways…anyway…whilst sitting in London on board the plane awaiting departure…..the captain came on the loudspeaker and mentioned that there was a slight delay with traffic control, but it may be possible we could leave ahead of schedule. Then he mentioned “it’s a good thing, because they just happened to find two more cartons of baggage that turned up” so as I looked down from my window they loaded them on the plane…here’s the funny part…my bags were the first out..sooo…last on…first off? hahaha Anway…who knows. I got all my bags manuevered on the tiniest European cart stacked like a mountain and successfully found a seat in the lobby or what not. Then I found my way to another part of the airport where the train tickets are sold..the center of the airport and it was there I eventually met with Jess and the gang after another phone call giving her my precise location. Then I bought a week pass on the train and was hurried down an escalator to a train and then began a train, train, bus ride home where I went pee…and had forgotten I really even had to in all of the excitement.

About Sunshine Stanfield

I am a 30 year old single female. I was born and raised in Chico,Ca. All of my life I have loved to travel. I needed to do something fresh and I moved to Germany. I spent the last year traveling and exploring Europe and learning amazing things along the way. I can't wait to continue my journey again and continue to meet new and interesting people and cultures. I love to share my experiences with others and show others that when it comes to new and beautiful things in life... the discoveries are endless.
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  1. Linda Griggs says:

    WOW, quite some adventure!!!!!

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