Day 12 at Camp

Today I woke up at 8:15 it is still pouring rain. Hasn’t stopped. The 2 day hikers are still leaving after lunch despite the rain. Crazy! Last night we helped Dirk, who was the master of the day, plan the events. … Continue reading

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Day 11 at Camp

Woke up and got up at 8ish. Everything is wet/damp that I have. It’s hard to stay warm when there is nothing dry to put on. Today we have a tent group action plan and then we go into the city and prepare for the hike! Still don’t know what group I will be going with. For lunch we had soup. I feel lost today, nowhere to go really. Everyone was prepping for the hike. I left chocolate and a note on my persons bed again. Action number 2. I also left a sign on the board in the office. 🙂 We all walked to town together. It took about 45 minutes or less. It’s pretty drizzly and occasionally raining. The kids were set free and I walked with Maria and went looking for flip flops, a jacket, mosquito spray,, body wash and green tea. Rain coats were like 30-80 euro and I figured my poncho would do. Maria and I tried to avoid the kids as much as possible. We ended up buying most of our stuff at Mueller. Then we took some pictures of a local festival with people in traditional garb. Then we walked to Route 66 and used the internet cafe. i did e-mail and facebook for 1 and 1/2 hours. Maria bought some yummy caramels and shared them. mmm. After we walked back to the bus, but we were early. We thought we could walk to the Aldi, not realizing how far it was, to look for flip-flops. As usual the bus came a bit early but we knew we had 30 minutes left. We walked in the rain until we realized it was too far. We turned back and kept joking that the bus would pass us. As we were did. We freaked a bit..but then realized it would take more than one bus for all of us. We walked disconcerted until we saw people waiting, and realized all was just fine. We went back to camp and most people tried to distribute secretly their ‘person’ gifts. I helped distract Joan for Armin. 🙂 I got chocolate merci from my person as well as a hug. I did stuff on the computer and even did the Waka Waka in the pouring rain. The junior camp joined us for dinner and a sleepover. The rain put a damper on it all. I had a theological discussion with Kathy in our tent and then off to dinner. We had chicken, vegetables, potatoes. I did dish duty. It was casino night tonight. I was sooo wet. My sweatshirt was soaked. I was assigned “sex patrol” we had to check tents and make sure everyone was where they should be. I had another theological discussion with Paula and Anna.. After the kids went to bed we had a teamer meeting. It was feedback time. We all had to express our concerns. Later I was told I would take miriams girls on the hike, because she had glass in her foot. It poured rain all night and our tent leaked in spots so we had to move the beds around. No sleep until 2am.

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Day 10 at camp

Woke up at 7:50. Camp was quiet this morning, they must be tired. It’s supposed to be c00ler today. In the 20’s. Lena told me last night thatI would join a group on the hike that needed more bodies.  After breakfast, I prepared for the biking project. Today we took the boys to some jumps. The first was fine, but the second a boy, leon, who is 12, was injured. I took him to first aid where we waited for 20 minutes. Then Angie came and checked on him, but he said he was fine. He just had an ice pack on it. He spoke very little English and my German isn’t that great. Communication consisted of mostly silence. After a bit Basti came and checked on him and he started crying. He was concerned and he said Lena should have a look at him. Lena came and it was decided that we should go to the doctor. Angie took us to the doctor and talked to them about him and then she left to run errands. I was to call her when we were finished.We went into the waiting room and sat there in silence with other quiet people and one coughing lady. The nurse called us in and we went into a room and waited for her for 5 min. She came in and looked at him, and everything was in German. I let him do most of the talking. When she was all done she looked and me and I told her that I only spoke English and a little German. So she said what she needed, the directions to the hospital, and then switched back to German to me again. So funny. Yes, hospital…they wanted an xray. We went outside and called Angie and explained the situation. She came within 10 minutes and dropped us at the entrance to the ER. The we went and checked in and still Leon did the talking. I said nothing, and they all assumed I spoke German. We waited in the waiting room until called and directed to a chair by the doctors office across from the cast room. I understood almost everything that was said to us, and what I didn’t I figured out. The doctor came and looked at his arm and then directed us to an xray room. We sat in a chair in the hall until they called him in. When he came out 5 minutes later we walked back to the doctors office again. 10 minutes or so later the doctor came and said it was a small fracture and he needed a cast. So we waited until the other doctor came and then went into the cast room. The whole one talking to me, and so they thought I was German. Then my cell was Angie wanting to know how much longer. I was forced to talk to the doctor. He looked so surprised when I asked him in English how long it would be. After that he continued in silence until finished, and then spoke German again. He said that the other doctor would write up a report and then we waited again. The doctor called us in and asked Leon a bunch of questions about what had happened and when and how and blah, blah, blah. I was reading a board on the wall about fractures and must’ve been distracted, because next thing I heard twas “She doesn’t speak German” I answered in English that I understand more than I can say. He asked to make sure I knew what was going on and I relayed it all back to him in English. He spoke to me in mixed German and English. He explained the meds and then we left. Angie was waiting. We got back to camp and luckily lunch was late! We had hotdogs. If we had missed it I don’t know what we would’ve done. After lunch we headed back to the swimming pool for our project. It was fun. We played a ball game boy against girls. I learned to shower here at the pool..guaranteed hot water..clean and nice. After we left the pool we stopped at the store and I picked up a bottle of white wine for my ‘special person’ for the game we were playing…do 2 things nice for the person whose name you drew. I snuck the bottle on my persons’ pillow. We had to RUN to the bus..this time we were late. Ooops. We went back to camp and had hamburgers for dinner. Then we set up the cinema night. The kids were going to watch “Up” in German with English subtitles. It poured rain all evening. The movie projecter didn’t work all that well either. I was on “Smoke patrol” with Sven. I wore my poncho and my sweatshirt..but was still soaked. We had to make sure no one was hiding out smoking somewhere. Never found anyone smoking..but did find some bad kids hiding out. We were supposed to keep them at the film. The kids were sneaky. It was very exhausting, yet entertaining. I was so ready for bed. When the moved was over everyone was scrambling to cover leaking tents…quite a few wet beds. Poor things. I went to bed at 11:30 or so and was woken by teamers rearranging our tent to accomodate some others put out of theirs by wet beds. Only 1 of the 3 expected came into our tent though. I guess there as a teamer mtg..but I missed it when I went to bed. Oh well. It wasn’t a big deal this time.

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Day 9 at Camp

Woke up at 7 to loud girls in the next tent. Who doesn’t like to sleep?? Went back to sleep and got up at 8:10. I talked to Kathy and Hannah a bit about what was going on in my head. Then we went to breakfast and had a short teamer meeting. I am going to lead a ‘tag’ game for animated sport. Biking again. Super tiring today. I rode to a grassy area and we played some bike games. Then we went back to the forest and some of the group was making jump. We were all pretty tired and 1/2 of us quit. I planned my animated sport and then off to lunch. My animated sport had no takers, so instead I went ziplining twice. Yeah! During siesta I tried to sleep, but really couldn’t. I had to head to the pool for afternoon project. we made it there and it was crazy packed with people but we all had so much fun! When we headed back to the bus we thought we were late and had to RUN to the bus. It turns out the bus was 20 minutes early. We got back to camp and showered. We had a new tentmate join us today from Hamburg. For dinner, we had spaghetti and meatballs. During the teamer meeting after dinner I had to lead it a bit, because I am sharing responsibility for the all camp game this evening. My part went well. I planned a giant game of musical ‘paper’ we couldn’t use chairs for 150 so I used paper from magazines. I seperated it into 4 seperate games and was going to have the 4 winners compete for an all camp winner. The people who got out had to dance during the music and freeze when it stopped in order to keep all involved. We had 3 games planned and not enough time. They had planned a Zombie game..complete with Dirk in the forest in make-up. We had to find a way to switch the game over, because they really wanted me to play their game too. I figured out how to incorporate it into the paper game..through a public announcement, but it wasn’t that successful. The kids though it was a ploy to get them off their paper and out of the game. After we finally got them organized and with a sock to play, Dirk, appeared in full zombie fashion. Disaster. He was mobbed and attacked by the older boys..which led to him going to shower pissed and the game abruptly over. We put the kids around the campfire to calm them down. After the kids were in bed, I stayed up until about 1:30.

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Day 8 at Camp

I woke up at 8am. Hannah lost her voice today! She has been shouting a lot to enliven the kids…and it’s taken it’s toll. All my clothes are dirty or damp. It’s difficult to dry them here. I need to wash some! After breakfast we found out which projects we were assigned. I got assigned mountain biking for the 2 hour morning project with Sven! Odd. I went and asked if I could team up with Dirk for the swimming project in the afternoon as well. They assigned Dirk to help Sven and I with BMX and MTN as well. I had a beach cruiser for today. It was harder to keep up with the other bikes. It doesn’t help that it’s like 20 boys. We rode 1 and 1/2 hours and went to the lake. Fun, fun. When we got back to camp we learned they were sending our Juno to junior camp.Boo! Then we had lunch. Timi from Hungary, made Hungarian stew with her tent group of girls and we had bread. I ate with Maria’s girls today since my adopted tent group was in the kitchen. After siesta we had to get our group together to go to the swimming project. The bus was late today and we had 15 kids and two leadership going with us. While we waited the police arrived and I guess warned that 2 people had escaped from prison and to keep an eye out. Odd. A bunch of the projects decided to go the junior camp today so “we” decided to go the lake as well.  Charissa joined us today too. We saw wendy at junior camp too! The girls in the project wer not happy that we went to the lake instead of the pool. They said that it was dirty, which I agree. They were a big snotty about it.  The boys wer just rude and disrespectful and not listening. I got sternly talked to about ‘counting’ the kids in and out of the water despite the fact I had counted them several times and I was one of 3 in charge today. Oh well, don’t argue. Anyway, played in a yucky deep lake. It was exhausting. We all decided tomorrow we will go to the pool. I hope that’s easier to control. It must be hard for the junior teamers to watch all of these little ones in the lake! When we returned to camp we waited until dinner. For dinner we had a stir fry chinese noodle dish. Not my favorite, but you get what you get no other options. I’m glad I got a hot shower when I got back. So nice. Tonight we played an all camp game and led groups to various stations..or ran stations. I led a group. I had a bad day today with the lake experience and other things. I am frustrated that I can’t seem to do anything right here. I never get noticed for anything ‘awesome’ like some and it’s frustrating to feel worthless like I have nothing special to offer. I know there is the whole ‘universe’ thing, but I’ve been putting positive out there and not getting it back. Don’t know. I was irritated when I found out during the all camp game they asked another teamer to help with swimming, because “I’m not here to whole time.” So frustrating because they planned the whole project concept without me involved. I didn’t get an input. I hate that. I feel like they think I am incompetant. At the campfire I was just upset and went to bed. There was no ‘juice’ anyway. Kathy said that I talked and tossed all night in my sleep. She didn’t go to bed until 3:30am though.

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Day 7 at Camp

I woke up at 7 and went to the restroom and then back to bed for one more hour! Today, being the first day, we had to dress crazy as teamers. I wore a feather mask I borrowed from Hannah. For breakfast…the usual..with one exception..they had Pretzels!! After that i was assigned with Anna to lead a group on a tour to see their possible projects. It was so fun. We went to the junior camp and then to the city and the pool. We did a level check in the pool. We actually swam across it and then we ran to a big awesome waterslide. It’s a nice pool area. Then we returned to the senior camp for the rest of the tour. We had a short time schedule and had to rush through it all. We led 23 kids. It was awesome. A few kids left some stuff at the pool in our rush to the bus, but most got it back later. Back at camp we had lunch consisting of potatoes, meat, salad, cucumbers and pretzels. Then I lead a dishwashing tropu and then siesta time. I talked to the directors about assisting with a project because I want to do the swimming! It would be fun. I don’t know that they like me that much, because I don’t care for this camp or something. I took a paper to the other groupless girls to fill out with activities they want to assist in as well. After siesta was tent group time and then freesport. I lead a volleyball game. It was a disaster, because the boys didn’t want to play with the girls. Then we played a game until some of us were attacked by another group throwing water on us from water bottles. Then the game dispersed. I was a little in trouble..for not bringing them all back, but how? After that I played a toss ball game with some girls until dinner. We had pasta and white sauce. At dinner I was put in charge of Svens group temporarily. After dinner we played the all camp game. We played “Sardines” and I found Valentine with Juno and Joan. The kids didn’t really get the concept of the game and the boys that found him were being super loud and attracting others. They would break branches and shine their flashlights. After waiting for a bit we couldn’t decide if the game was over or not. They were supposed to play music to bring us all back. I guess during this time there was a noise complaint and the police came out. Funny. We ended up playing in two seperate teams with 150 kids a gigantic rock paper scissors game. We started another game of sardines and it was cut short due to bedtime. I took a shower while i could, but it was cold! Joan had just had a hot shower too. I guess they ran out of gas again. I am so happy I talked to Ilona and Jess today on the phone. Lots of job opportunities. 🙂 We had a teamer meeting by the fire then the usual and I went to bed at 1:15,

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Day 6 at Camp

Today, I woke up at 7:50. I love how warm my sleeping bag is! I moved my stuff over to the new tent/bed. Kids are coming today. Cata and I were assigned, after breakfast, to get stuff together that the junior camp needed. An odd assortment of things such as firewood, pens, paper, a printer….random stuff. After this I was asked to make a sign for the boys bathroom that told them “how to shower” very intersting. The first girl to arrive was “charlotte.” She was very early. Then we had lunch sandwiches and then did the washing up. The sun keeps starting to peek out a bit. I made the sign for “How to shower” like 3 times. I had to have it translated into German as well. The funny thing is they liked my stick figure I had to scrap the writing and make the drawing bigger and the focal point. LOL. While the kids arrived I started a volleyball game. My arms are so bruised! I basically just visited with all of the kids. The majority of the kids arrived on two bus’s from Hamburg. We lined up in a line and put all of their bags on the middle of the field. Then they played the new camp song…which is dumb. It’s in German so I don’t know quite what it is even. We learned the tent groups. Juno,Charissa,Joan and I don’t have tent groups. Extra help I guess. After the kids were put in their tents we went off to dinner. We had a BBQ for the first night. There was steak, chicken,sausage, veggies, salad and potatoe hashbrowns. After dinner we had a bit of freetime until the campfire. The campfire time was spent giving rules and instructions and introducing the staff. Today, was the day, I would forever be known as “Sunshine from Paradise!”. I was introduced that way..and many thought it was a joke. Really, that was the town and not the state or country as most people were introduced by. It was funny. After the campfire the tent groups were put to bed. I didn’t have a group so I used this time to shower. HOT WATER!! Finally! It did go cold a couple times, but not bad. I had to fight through kids brushing their teeth, but it was worth it. After the kids were in bed we had a teamer meeting. It was nearly 12:30! I went straight to bed. I was woken up and hour later when Hannah came into bed. Even though I really had to pee, I refused to leave the comfort of my sleeping bag. Many of the others stayed up and “socialized” with various “games.” I didn’t need the juice. I needed sleep.

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Day 5 at Camp

Today we got up and had the usual breakfast. It was actually a pretty relaxed morning. We had to type up some some more English lessons and adjust the previous ones. We played a bit of psychiatrist as well. Then for lunch we made this odd pancake/bread pudding type thing. It was different. After lunch…more English. Today was a good day. We were able to basically hang out as English teachers. A much needed break. Later, it poured rain and we made a veggie, rice, rose sauce dinner. It was good. After dinner I helped with clean up. Next we discussed the next few days plans. Today was sad, because we had to say goodbye to Kayla. She was off to her next camp. Then once again we rearranged the tents to prepare for the children. I was alone with Catta in a tent for the evening. I will move into our new tent tomorrow when it isn’t raining #9. It’s an ETB(Early to bed) night anyway. We have to go to be 10:30 or 11 to be rested for the kids.

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Day 4 at Camp

Woke up at 8:10 today was going to shower, but no time and only cold water. I went to breakfast and had the usual cereal, banana,etc. No coffee today. Then went with the English teachers for more instruction. Yeah no work! I learned some games and now had to write a lesson plan. I found out I get to leave camp on the 24th and head to the camp near Berlin. After that camp I can go back to Munich or come back to Neuburg for another week. Hmmmm….tough one. We worked on lesson plans and I typed mine on my pc until it ran out of battery. I had forgotten part of my charger, but luckily Adam had one that worked for me. In the dilent auction I won the 1 hour internet. (Yeah..I paid 3,50 for it, but in the end it was more than one hour.)  I need to talk to Sven about using it. For lunch we had a tuna pasta, bread and of course lunch meat. The English teachers then presented their lesson plans and accepted criticisms and then we played psychiatrist. I called Jess today to tell her about my placement change. Yep, they changed it again. Instead of by Berlin…it’s now by Stuttgart. Bad Urach. There’s a castle nearby and ruins. Nice. For dinner this evening we had eggs and potatoes…not my favorite. Then the English teachers did a “typing party” in order to exchange our lesson plans. After this we were able to have some free time. The rest of the teamers went to see the junior camp and the town. They somehow forgot about us..until Marrell reminded them and they came back and got us too! Kayla, Monika, and Nadia and I walked around town and bought gelato from and Italian guy. We saw the local castle..nothing spectaculor and then returned to camp. We all sat around the fire and played puzzle games like “stick game” and “Moon is round”. Fun when you figure it out. Late night, had beer and then to bed at 1:30am!

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Day 3 at Camp

Today, I woke up at 6am, but went back to sleep.My back is sore! I think from the work, the heat…and the cot..perhaps. Maybe evening the dancing or the running. Feels a bit like bootcamp! I am glad I talked to Marlene today and decided to leave for the English camp near Berlin. I think I’ll go next sat and at least have on week with the kids here. I’m half sad because I am attached to this group of teamers. I just hate this camp life really. I don’t mind the kitchen, but otherwise they work you like a dog it seems. I got up at 8 or so and brushed my teeth and thenwe met with the camp song and went off to breakfast. The usual food. I don’t know what some of the meats are so that’s a little unnerving. I’m not too concerned about rotten or spoiled food, however, because they throw everything away! A bit wasteful, but safe. I helped again with the dishes and then snuck away. Today so far has been overcast and drizzly a nice reprieve, but it’s all muddy too and tents are damp and mildewy. There are sooo many flying bugs. My back is so sore! We played cat and mouse= more running, and then we learned how to deal with homesickness. It was fun/challenging. I like the overcast weather! Today, we discussed group project ideas and picked teamers to brainstorm. Then the sun came out and we spent the afternoon building the kids lounge, painting pallets, and organized and moved things. Then we finally got a dinner reprieve. We had potatoes and meat and a salad. They are setting up for a silent auction and then we will continue to work on our projects. There’s way too much work at this camp..physical labor that is..without pay. Ugh. It seems you can’t hardly be still at all without them asking what you are doing next. Not a great feeling. After dinner, we learned that English teachers are to do a seperate training and now that I am going to the other camp I have to be in that group.  We went over stuff in our binder then we had to do the silent auction and then beer and relaxing..finally. Yeah.. no shower tonight. ugh. Cold water still.

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